Mileva Maric ( around 1895)
Mileva Maric (around 1895)

B 24 Liberator/picture WW2 database

Famous Chain Bridge with the Royal Palace in the distance

Texel Lighthouse, photo: Wikipedia

The Beach,

Image by pixabay

And now, The architecture.

Belgrade port, Image Unsplash

Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Dearg Due, the female vampire from Irish mythology

Who inspired Bram Stoker to write one of the most influential stories of all time? Was it Henry Irwing, actor, and Bram Stoker’s boss, or was it Oscar Wilde or Lord Byron? Was it Vlad III the Impaler, 15th-century Wallachian prince, was it Elizabeth Bathory, the Blood Countess from 16th century Slovakia? Or was it Snow White?

Ivan Breu

Father, Tour Guide and Traveler. Interested in everything worth being interested in.

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